Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Heart of Adoption

The adoption process is extremely difficult. Probably even more difficult when you 1) have an existing relationship/bond with the child your adopting, and 2) are working in the international realm - where "anything can happen". My heart would like an opportunity to tell it's side of the adoption story:

I was just pumping along minding my own business, and then out of nowhere BAM - I'm flooded with love. Mama love. (the worst kind - in my opinion - cause that stuff can hurt - bad). She has three other kids, so I know what I'm doing with this mama love stuff. But this one was different - cause it was love and sadness all wrapped up together and I didn't know what to do with that. The waiting seemed to be taking it's toll, so...I just jumped ship. I literally fell out of her chest and landed on the floor. As if the fall to the floor wasn't painful enough, I was then stomped on by a large African elephant that happened to be walking by. Then the elephant grabbed my flattened beating bloody self with it's long nose-thingy and tossed me into the open air. I momentarily enjoyed the fleeting freedom of floating through the air, when I abruptly landed into the jaws of a swamp alligator. The alligator slammed his powerful jaws down on me, digested me, and then pooped me out into a swap where I was inevitably devoured again - this time by a horrific smelling, slimy, swamp creature.

That's what the adoption process feels like. So far.

It's a real life fairy tale.


Shannon- said...

No kidding!

Carrie said...

Do you know, I can kinda follow the history of your story in that analogy. :)