Friday, June 24, 2011

I'm Really Bad at This

We got approved for a fundraising account through Lifesong. Lifesong is an awesome organization that provides fundraising support for people who are adopting. Their administrative costs are covered by another organization, so every cent that is donated through Lifesong goes directly towards helping families with adoption costs. Donations are all tax-free, which is awesome.

They provided us sample support letters which I can't bring myself to write. I just can't. Maybe that's sinful pride. It probably is. Lord please help me with that.

However, in His infinite graciousness, He did provide me with a way to raise support via photography in a way that allows me to give more than I receive. This I am comfortable with. Maybe too comfortable. When people do offer to give me a donation in exchange for their photographs, I try to convince them not to. What is wrong with me?

The truth of the matter is that we've managed to out-of-pocket $10k thus far. We are on the cusp of owing $7200, which we don't have. Then we'll have to pay travel expenses and B's plane ticket home (yay!). I am confident that God will provide, despite the broken vessel that is me.

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