Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another Tuesday

Another Tuesday has come and gone with no word. Yesterday my caseworker said that they're waiting on one last letter. One last little piece of paper is holding this whole thing up. God, you can do this - it's just one piece of paper - You make trees for heaven's sake!

She says there's nothing more to do on "their end", they're just waiting for the last piece of paper. Meanwhile, the August 6th deadline looms. The timing couldn't be worse. Or maybe it's my faith that's faulty.

I'm trying to rest in His supreme sovereignty - in the knowledge that He is perfect and everything He does is perfect - including his timing to bring B home. I wonder if someday this waiting - these 2+ years of waiting will all make sense.

Some days I'm better at waiting than others. Today I stink. Praying that tomorrow will bring good news.


Shannon- said...

<> I wish there was anything more to do or say. Here. Waiting along side you. Praying.

Shannon- said...

That was supposed to be Hugs n the << area??

Erin Moore said...

Feeling them, thanks! I'm all about and prayers right now. :-)

Mrs. J said...

praying for ya chick. and praying for your little one.