Wednesday, August 03, 2011

3 Days

Sometimes I feel like I'm the Queen of Bad News on this blog.

Tuesday came and went, and news. There are three days left until the court closes for 6 weeks. Today (which is half over in Ethiopia), tomorrow and Friday. Even if we did get the referral today, God would have to do the impossible to get us submitted to court before it closes.

Yesterday I decided to pray instead of emailing my caseworker. I figured I was emailing someone who can't do anything instead of praying to the One who can do everything. I prayed. You prayed. We all prayed. Yet yesterday came and went without any sign of good news.

Last night I was sick. Sinus stuff. Amaya laid in bed next to me and told me she felt sad that I was sick, so I told her that she could pray for me. She said, "that never works". My heart broke. Partly because she lacked faith, and partly because I had been feeling the same way. All this praying, 6 weeks to get one piece of paper was more than enough time - why didn't it happen? Why pray if God doesn't answer our prayers?

Just like Amaya is five, I'm spiritually five. So young and foolish about my faith sometimes. As if I'm the boss and He must do what I say. I'm so thankful He doesn't let me call the shots. If he did, this world would be insane (and chocolate would have zero calories). I digress.

I encouraged Maya to pray for me anyway, and she did. Then I prayed for God to strengthen her faith by giving me some noticeable relief from my sinus pain - for her sake (and for mine!). Last night the sinus pressure was so great I fell into tears and this morning I woke up relieved of all the pain and pressure. I couldn't wait to tell Amaya that God answered her prayers.

He is still hearing and answering prayers. He is still paying attention to us. He is going to do this in His time, for His Glory.

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Ellie Jewett said...

Erin the day will come. God knows the plans he has for you, and in the end, everything will work out. God knows what is going on right now is the best for you. Love you & will be praying.