Monday, August 22, 2011

My First Medal

A few weeks ago our family participated in a walk for ana-cepha-somethingorother. Its a condition where a baby is born with a life threatening illness and either dies in utero or shortly after birth. My friend Renee was asked to photograph the event and she asked me to tag along and take pictures with her. That just spells "good times" to me.

Jermaine thought it would be a good opportunity to walk with Amelle, so they did the 5K walk together. Avery jogged the 5K walk so he could be the first walker to finish. He's a mess.

After the walk was over there were some "fun run" races lined up for the kids. Amaya was in (after we bribed her with a McDonald's ice cream). Don't judge.

Amaya runs fast. She's got some Serena Williams legs and they move! The top part of her body is so perfectly upright, yet her legs are moving like lightening underneath. It's slightly awesome. I secretly couldn't wait to see how fast she would be compared to others her age.

She took off at the "get ready". Who cares... "get set" and "go" are for suckers.

Unfortunately the dude in the black shorts is the 5yo, American, white Usain Bolt. He killed it.


...lucky for us...they were giving out 2nd place medals.

My girl was JAZZED. "I got my first medal"



~Seth and Nancy~ said...

she looks so proud :-)

Mrs. J said...

how cute is she! love it.