Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Little Pink Lifeline

Two weeks ago I received an email from B with a phone number on it. He asked me to call him. I waited up until midnight so that I could catch him first thing in the AM. At 12:05AM I dialed the ridiculously long number and an older Ethiopian male answered, "Hello". (This was a good sign). I asked for B, then I heard a bunch of kids in the background. Then his voice. "Hello".

I melted.

His voice was so clear it was like he was calling from the next room. He said exactly what I was feeling, "I miss your voice".

After 28 minutes he had to go, apparently the owner of the cell phone wanted it back. After two years you would've thought that maybe it would dawn on me to get him a cell phone that I could call whenever I want...but noooo. It never ever ever even crossed my mind. Duh.

B mentioned that if he had his own cell phone I could call him any time (hint, hint). It only took me a millisecond to realize that I had probably three old cell phones in our kitchen junk drawer. He told me it would cost 60 birr to activate it. I was like, "60 dollars?". He responded, "No, 60 birr". Um. 60 birr is like $3.50.

At 12:35am I found myself rummaging around for the cell phone charger that matched a pink cell phone from our "junk drawer". The next day I packaged it up with 60 dollars (just to be safe) and sent it to a friend who was headed to Ethiopia.

I felt funny sending my 14-yo son a pink cell phone, but seriously, the pink thing doesn't seem to be an issue for boys in Ethiopia. Yesterday he sent me his new number and today I called and talked to him. Twice.

I called first thing in the morning, but then he wanted to hear Avery's voice - so Avery had to call him when he woke up. So precious. I love having a way to talk to him whenever I want. And he can talk to me whenever he wants by sending me a message on FB or email for me to call him.

Who would've thought that my lifeline to B would be a little pink phone? least until Dirt gets the phone bill.

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