Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's A Boy!

We got our referral today! It's a boy. He's 66.5 inches long and 92 lbs. The labor has been arduous and the delivery ain't over yet.

My cell phone rang at 5:11p (does anyone else find this mildy amusing?) - and even though I saw my social worker's name, I figured she was just calling to tell me why things weren't progressing. It wasn't until I answered and heard her sing songy happy voice that I realized that THIS might be THE call. "Are you ready to receive some emails?"

Um..heck yeah. it's not like most referrals where the parents have no idea what they're getting. I confess that I already knew most of the stuff in the referral. But this call was far from anti-climactic because that awful waiting is over. We are "offically matched" with him. There is now certainty that we're getting submitted when courts re-open. No more paper cuts.


We have arrived at our current destination. Next stop: Waitsville. (Didn't we just leave there?)

1) Court opens Oct 8, we get submitted then.
2) We wait for a court date (estimate 2-4 months).
3) Once we pass court we are officially his parents!
4) We wait for an embassy date (usually 2-4 weeks from court).
5) I travel to Ethiopia to attend the embassy appointment with him and bring him home!

I am praying the impossible: to have him home by Christmas. I know this is unlikely - but I'm convinced that God likes my crazy BIG I will continue to pray them! Please join me!

This is happening people. Really happening! Holla!


Jamie Wallace said...


Shannon- said...

I'm doing that penguin happy dance right now!!! Praise Praise Praise!!!

~Seth and Nancy~ said...


Beautiful Mess said...

It's been my prayer for a long time..and it will continue to be my prayer till he's home!

Mindy said...

Congratulations!!! Happy Dance! Yay God!

Meg said...

So many people rejoicing and praying. So much closer.

M said...

Ooh that is terrific news, I can't explain in words just how happy I am for you & your family. Praying for a pre Christmas coming home. God Bless!!!