Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rockin' the Rocket

Last week, "rocket parts" mysteriously appeared in the house.

Apparently Dirt and Avery had been to the hobby shop.

It didn't take a rocket scientist (ha!) to figure out that the rocket essentials that laid dormant in my dining room would soon be used to construct a rocket...that would one day be launched from our backyard...

...and used as an awesome microphone.

Sunday was the big day.

holy smokes..

She blasted off into the heavens, released her parachute, and descended oh so carelessly back down to earth.

Are rockets feminine, like boats? Anyone know?

Ground zero will never be the same.

Actually it will. It already is. I just felt like this story needed a bit of poignancy.

1 comment:

MaineMom said...

Rockets are definitely male. Hello? How phallic-looking can you get?