Monday, October 24, 2011


On Saturday I had an early photo shoot with a family at Fort Foster.

It looked like it was going to be a decent day for pictures, so I tried to book another family after the first session - the whole killing of two birds with one stone thing. I have a ton of families who have mentioned wanting fall shoots - but there really ain't much fall left.

All three families declined the time slot due to other commitments or whatever. ...and since Renee was coming with me to shoot the first family we decided we'd bring along our tweens and do a tween session.

Avery and Ellie are ridiculously cute. They are so much fun when they're together.

I'm so thankful that we got to do this shoot. I seriously think that every kid should have a tween shoot. Photographs aren't just for babies and seniors.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Days Turning to Months

I finally broke down and actually read some of the update emails my adoption agency sends to everyone in the Ethiopia program. I was sitting on the sideline thinking I was too good for those group emails...I had convinced myself that we were on a "God-Timeline" and I wasn't really concerned with what was happening with all the other families in the program. I didn't care how many people were in line before us, God was going to fast track us...because I had prayed for things to go quick and easy.


So today I realized that we are still going to be waiting for a while. A long while. I made the mistake of thinking that when courts opened we would get our court date. I am now realizing the grave error in this thinking. We're not going to find out anything for a while. Months. [gulp] We probably won’t find out about our court date until sometime in December (I guess I can stop waiting by the phone now). Our court date will likely be sometime in January. Our embassy date will likely be sometime in late February.

Whaaaaaaaa. (<-me crying)

I am weary. B is weary. Every time I talk to him he asks me if I got our date yet. I hate saying no to him. [sigh]

Dear Lord, please hasten the day that he is here with us. The waiting is difficult and on days like today it feels unbearable. Lord, fill me with your peace, sustain me, be enough for me today and every day.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

School Pictures

My kids are THE most impossible kids to photograph.

The minute I take out the camera and ask them to play nice nice things go downhill.

They flare their nostrils, bug their eyes, oversmile, undersmile, and other amusing (yet annoying) tactics. I think they just like to frustrate me.

The only one who shows up on the scene ready and willing to professionally model is Amaya.

...and she works the camera like nobodys business. The problem is that she won't let me touch her hair or clothing. ...she's a total diva. She usually shows up thinking her hair and wardrobe are awesome, when it's really an awesome mess.

These are our school pictures this year. Not because I couldn't do better, but because I don't have the energy to try.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Spiritual Leader

Amaya came home from school last week with a very special surprise. She reached in her backpack and pulled out a certificate that said that she accepted Jesus as her Savior and Lord.

I'm pretty sure the Holy Spirit has taken over since then, cause that girl has been filled with songs of worship ever since. She even decided to start a candle lighting ceremony as part of her worship. - come to think of it, she might be a budding legalist - which is so "un-Moore" of her. I'm sure the Holy Spirit will work that out.

Often when we hear people share their testimonies, they say "When I was five I accepted the Lord"...super boring...but super beautiful too. How wonderful to grow up loving the Lord. When I think back on my life I wonder about how a relationship with Jesus would have helped me through some dark times, how my decisions would have been different if I had known Him from the start. Yet I look back, not regretting, just wondering.

There is also a beauty in being saved as an adult - somehow it becomes even more precious to know that He sought you and found you in the midst of your willful sin and rebellion against Him and He called you to Himself - not because your parents were saved and you grew up going to church, but because they weren't and you didn't. He had to go out of His way to find you because He wanted you..purposefully. He reached down into your life and lifted the veil that covered your eyes and allowed you to see Him. Oh, I'm so thankful He saved me.

So while Amaya's testimony will be one of the boring ones, I'm so glad she has eternal security early in life and she will get to walk with Jesus through the peaks and valleys of adolescence, dating, and beyond. She will learn from a young age that He can be trusted, leaned on, prayed to, and depended upon. She will grow up knowing that she doesn't have to lead, she just needs to follow Him.

Praising God for her boring testimony!

I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent. - Luke 15:7

Thursday, October 06, 2011


The last twenty days have been peaceful. Once we received our referral I stopped waiting by the phone expecting it to ring every day. It's been nice. Since the courts were closed I rested in the assurance that nothing was going to happen with our case. Nothing. We were just sitting around waiting for courts to re-open.

They re-opened last week. This is a beautiful, beautiful thing. I haven't heard from my case-worker, but I can only assume that our file has been submitted.

I also heard yesterday from a friend who is "in the know", that 2 people from our agency recieved court dates for November 21st. Another friend (who used a different agency) got her court date today for November 24th. I'm praying that we will get a November court date as well. Once we pass court we are officially his parents, but we also need to pass our Embassy appointment (which is usually 3 weeks after the court date) in order to bring him home.'s the super-huge prayer that I'd like to ask you to pray with me: Dear God, please bring B home before Christmas. I know it's a lot to ask because there are people and papers involved, but I also know that you can do anything. In the name of my all-powerful King Jesus. Amen.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Confessions of a Pinterest Addict

I'm addicted. To Pinterest. There I said it.

I knew it would be addictive. I saw others going down..spending time pinning. I scoffed at them. I already spend too much time on FB - why would I even go near another online social-thingy...especially one that could give me a case of the "wants".

This is precisely the reason I was avoiding Pinterest and resisting the invitations that were piling up in my email box.

But then it started to feel like everyone was doing it...and I began to think that maybe I was missing out on something. Something good. And well...apparently I'm a follower...cause I broke down and joined. I was accepted to the Pinterest party that was already in progress.

That's when I fell in love with it's pinny-goodness.

What is Pinterest, you ask? My answer (not to be confused with an official definition) is: it's a groovy online "magazine" that you and your friends are all browsing together. You are all dog-earring pages and showing each other what you've dog-earred. Minus all the paper, annoying ads, and stupid articles. It's boiled down to the best of the best; it's so super-efficient. Mouth-watering recipes, cool craft ideas, design & decorating tips, and inspiring photography poses. (There are other categories, but these are the ones I'm following).

When do I have time for this nonsense? I mostly pin on Dirt's ipad while I'm in bed and Dirt is watching something sports-related on TV. Actually I even pin during shows I'm watching. ..and while he's talking to me. ..and while I'm waiting for water to boil..and's definitely multi-task friendly. I even pinned with my girlfriends last week - all three of us at my kitchen table with our ipads, oohing and pinning together.

If you aren't on Pinterest, you should be.

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