Friday, October 21, 2011

Days Turning to Months

I finally broke down and actually read some of the update emails my adoption agency sends to everyone in the Ethiopia program. I was sitting on the sideline thinking I was too good for those group emails...I had convinced myself that we were on a "God-Timeline" and I wasn't really concerned with what was happening with all the other families in the program. I didn't care how many people were in line before us, God was going to fast track us...because I had prayed for things to go quick and easy.


So today I realized that we are still going to be waiting for a while. A long while. I made the mistake of thinking that when courts opened we would get our court date. I am now realizing the grave error in this thinking. We're not going to find out anything for a while. Months. [gulp] We probably won’t find out about our court date until sometime in December (I guess I can stop waiting by the phone now). Our court date will likely be sometime in January. Our embassy date will likely be sometime in late February.

Whaaaaaaaa. (<-me crying)

I am weary. B is weary. Every time I talk to him he asks me if I got our date yet. I hate saying no to him. [sigh]

Dear Lord, please hasten the day that he is here with us. The waiting is difficult and on days like today it feels unbearable. Lord, fill me with your peace, sustain me, be enough for me today and every day.

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Rebecca said...

Hey Erin - I'm Amy's friend. We have talked about you some, and I just want you to know that I'm praying for you guys! I keep thinking you'll get a court date soon. Just wanted you to know that I'm thinking about you. And I'm sure Amy has offered to take a package to B when we go in December - but if she hasn't, I'll be happy to take something to him for you!