Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Our First Date

I could sill hear his words, "mom...sometimes when I think about you , I cry". "why?" (duh) "because I miss you".

I miss you too.

The conversation was just two days ago. I could tell that he was growing weary...he asked if I had called our agency to inquire about our court date. I assured him I had.

I know his struggle, it's my struggle too. The wait is exhausting.

Today, as I was packing up to leave work, I glanced down at my cell phone and noticed a missed call from my social worker. Could it be? My heart fluttered!

Without listening to my voicemail I called her. No answer. I checked my voicemail and heard her happy voice (she gets kind of sing songy when she has good news. I love her sing songy voice). She left me a message explaining that our Family court date is Dec 1st, our final court date is Dec 14th. The 14th is the date that we would normally travel for...but she didn't think that we'd have to travel because we had already received permission from the judge to not there is a slight chance...if the judge were to find favor with our case...maybe...just maybe we could completely pass court on Dec 1st. That is best case scenario. The other scenario is that the judge decides that I actually do need to come for the court date, and on Dec 2nd I make travel arrangements to go to Eth to attend court on 12/14. Yikes. Not my favorite plan.

Then what?

We'll...since it wouldn't be international adoption unless there were a gazillion variables, here are some potential scenarios:

1) we pass court on 12/1, get submitted to embassy, get an embassy date on Jan 15th, I travel to Eth to get B and bring him home. (this is my favorite)

2) we pass court on 12/15, bring B home around Jan 30th.

3) we pass court, our embassy papers take the long route, and B comes home end of Feb or early March (not my favorite)

4) we don't pass court. (I can't even go there)

Soooo...please join me in praising the Lord for all he has done and in praying that we can pass on 12/1 and take the short route to embassy. We're ready for our son to be home.


Shannon- said...

hip hip hooray!! hooray!!! praise praise!!!!

~Seth and Nancy~ said...

DEFINITELY will be praying that God brings him home as soon as possible!!

M said...

My prayers continue to flow for you & your family. May B be home soon. What a Christmas present for you if your son was to be home by Christmas. :)