Tuesday, January 03, 2012

1 Week Down.

It has been a week since we received the amazing news that we passed court. We are still on cloud nine...or eleven...or four-hundred-and-seventy-two. We're elated.

As happy as we are, I can't help but think about the thoughts going through Biruk's head right now. The dreams of his future. I wonder if he looks at his current surroundings and thinks, "just a little while more". I wonder if it's getting harder for him to endure his current situation, knowing that the time is drawing near for him to be here with his family. What is he most looking forward to? (When I ask him, he tells me "being with my family; you and dad and my sisters and brother") ...but what else is he looking forward to? Xbox? Free internet? McDonalds? Going to school without taking an hour-long taxi ride? Snow? Who knows?! What is he dreading? Missing his friends, His language, His independence? The sunshine? The slow pace of life? His dog Bob? Ethiopian food? What are the things that he will long for when he is here and how will we help him through that?

As you can see, I daydream a lot.

But then, in the middle of my dreaming, I receive a message from him like the one below...

My Precious mom I am sure this finds you all in the very best of health, love and peace of mind from our lord Jesus Christ. I am pretty good. So mom after you became to my life by God willing my fillied with much love, joy and hope and It make my heart always joyful so mom i feel luck and happy God to Blessed me with such kind of you woundederful mom and i thankful God for this. I wish you all the best to be happen in your life happy New year my precious mom and all my Family I love you so much more i can't wait to get you mom Happy New Year Love Biruk Moore

...and it reminds me that it really is all about family. He really does just want to be with the family that he belongs to. ...and we feel the exact same way. We are so blessed to call him our son. Thank you God, for giving us this honor and privilege.

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Amy said...

And that is the most precious email ever. My heart is so happy for you all. Seriously!!!!!!!! We must get Biruk and Tariku together. :) Can you imagine?!