Friday, January 27, 2012

Attitude Is Everything

Amaya is the boss. Each situation she encounters requires that she retains at least 51% of the control. Unfortunately this means that I have to compromise a lot. A LOT. In any given situation I can only exert up to 49% of control without a huge meltdown or argument. The average amount of control I have is about 17%.

There was one thing I needed her to do for me this week. I needed for her to be my photography model to test out my Valentine's Day ideas. This was no easy feat. I was going to need her to wear the clothes that I selected (Sponge Bob PJs were not an option), wear the shoes that i selected (Snow boots were not an option), and wear her hair the way I wanted it (combed, pig tails, red ribbon hair bows). After pleading with her, I got the outfit, I didn't get the boots, and the hair was making her look like this in the face:
Exactly. Not very festive.
So…we compromised and I put her hair in piggie-buns (I just made that up). Once she exercised control over her hair, she was a new kid.


She even took her snow boots off. (Of course I didn't get her to put on the shoes I wanted her to wear - actually I was too exhausted to even broach the subject with her - I was just happy that she removed the snow boots - I figured I could live with bare feet).

She looks so sweet and innocent, but don't be fooled, this chick is a dictator.
A very cute dictator.

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~Seth and Nancy~ said...

love how you got pictures of her pouting. I like to get the true to life pictures sometimes...I'm sure I'll laugh at years to come.
funny how early on her strong personality came out! i remember coming up when she was 2 and she ruled the roost then!