Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Amelle

Today Amelle turns 11. As I was thinking about what to write for her birthday I came across this image - I took it a few weeks ago with my phone because I never want to forget the nuances of her personality that may fade away over time. Amelle is all about the details. She left this note for me so that I'd remember to pack some items for her basketball game (things I would've remembered without the note)
Why this note strikes me as funny is the bit about "make sure your close my bag when done". Um? Does that need to be stated? Like I would put her game stuff in the bag then leave it unzipped, and perhaps carry it up-side-down out to the car? LOL. Her poor mind must be filled with an insane amount of detail.
Today she recalled that she was born at 11:11 and asked me if they have someone in the delivery room who's job is to look at the clock. Details.
Last week when we drove by a toll booth she asked me where the people who work in toll booths go to the bathroom. (I think she thought the booth doubled as a porta-potty). Who thinks of this stuff?! Details.

A post about Amelle wouldn't be complete with her side-kick, Amaya. Amelle loves Amaya. She is part mother, part sister, and part BFF to her. Amelle's natural tendency to to be a caregiver and she truly loves and cares about her little sister. They are goofy together, they play and sing together, they sleep together, and sometimes they annoy each other. But mostly they are the best of friends.

This photo brings to mind two truths about Amelle: 1) She is a good friend - she enjoys having friends over and going over their houses. She has fun with her friends. Pictured above is Amelle's friend Jordyn. 2) Amelle enjoys flaring her nostrils whenever I try to take a picture of her. She thinks it's super-funny. That is...until she is looking for a picture of herself and can't find one - then she complains that I never take any good pictures of her.

Happy Birthday to my precious girl, Amelle.

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