Friday, March 16, 2012


I sit on the board of a Christian organization. We meet twice per month and each time we meet we have a time of prayer and devotion. Last month the devotion leader asked us to bring a sealed note about us from someone who adores us.

My adoring husband isn’t always great with homework assignments, so I asked the kids if they adore me and Avery and Amaya said they did, so I asked them to jot down why they adore me onto a notecard and seal it.

During our devotion time, we talked about praise and worship. How much do we praise God when we pray. How often do we tell Him how awesome He is and why we think He is awesome. We were then instructed to open our sealed envelopes and read the notes to ourselves. This was mine:

Upon reading these words, I was filled with love. I was so touched by this description of me. This is what they see when they see me. These sentiments are so beyond precious to me.
This exercise helped to open my eyes to how good it feels for those who adore you to stop and tell you why they think you are the bees knees. Does God feel good when we praise Him for who He is? We know from His word that He is all about His glory…not in a selfish boasty way, but in a way that is fully warranted – because He is really the ONLY one who deserves praise because He is the author of all that is good.

Anyway, I’m encouraged to stop and tell God why I think he’s so great. I’m also encouraged to stop and tell those I love what I love about them.


Shannon- said...

I had to peak on fb. I was antsy to know if you had a date yet. YEAY YAY YAY!!!! He's not dreaming. My you have peace in this next journey dear.

Meg said...

This is a cool exercise & reminder- and good on you for tricking your kids like that.